Quality Policy

The business strategy of LARM a.s. is to constantly improve its existing production programme as well as to introduce new products and services.

Decisive requirements of the company management are the constant improvement of quality, ensuring that the company's operations have a minimal impact on the environment, and the implementation of all measures relating to OHS. In order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, LARM a.s. will create conditions that meet all requirements of both our existing and future customers, including the systematic development and training of its own employees.


  • To continuously develop the quality management system and business processes in harmony with the company strategy and requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008 and to implement the principles of continuous improvement in all company processes
  • To deepen efficient collaboration with key customers and suppliers at home and abroad with the aim of improving the level of supplies and services
  • To thoroughly analyse both current and future customer requirements and requests and to regularly evaluate their satisfaction with the company's supplies and services
  • To analyse the causes of undesirable conditions and to adopt effective measures to rectify them and to increase quality without delay
  • To ensure and verify that the company's employees make full use of their knowledge, abilities and skills and that they are fully aware of their personal responsibilities for maintaining quality while performing their work
  • To continuously and permanently improve the qualifications of all its employees and to develop their motivation with the aim of increasing loyalty to the company
  • To periodically assess the employees' performance, their personal approach and their contribution to the company
  • To support and motivate all employees to take responsibility for their own safety, the protection of the health of others and the protection of the company's assets
  • To continuously communicate with its employees, the employees of offices, suppliers and authorised companies with the aim of meeting their requirements and minimising the possibility of endangering the environment and the health and safety in the workplace
  • When selecting suppliers, to evaluate their capabilities in terms of quality, environmental protection and OHS, to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with them, and to monitor their performance, competence and reliability.



To support the quality policy, the management of LARM a.s. undertakes:


  • To create conditions and resources essential for fulfilling the quality policy and for meeting the established aims
  • When fulfilling the quality policy, to take into account the requirements of customers, valid legislation, other interested parties and its own employees
  • To regularly verify the implementation of adopted principles at management meetings
  • To implement corrective measures for problems which emerge, and to inspect their fulfilment and efficiency
  • The management of LARM a.s. expects its employees:
  • To comply with the requirements of the quality management system and workplace safety and hygiene principles
  • To comply with the requirements of labour-law legislation
  • To adopt a responsible approach to the fulfilment of all assigned tasks
  • To have a high sense of responsibility for the quality of their own work
  • To actively approach the processes of training and improvement of personal knowledge and skills
  • To be actively involved in the continuous enhancement of procedures, activities and product quality
  • To create good working and interpersonal relationships in all parts of the workplace



Ing. Tomáš Pekárek, MBA

Company Manager

Quality Management System

LARM's quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 since the year 2000. The certificate was awarded by TÜV SÜD, which also performs certification audits.

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