Optoelectronic incremental encoders

Incremental Rotary Encoders IRC 120 and 125

Due to the continuously high demand for the replacement parts of these encoders, we decided to modernize these encoders, as well as, to increase the end-use ...


Incremental rotary encoders IRC300 – 325

IRC30x – external diameter of the shaft ∅ 6 mmIRC31x – external diameter of the shaft ∅ 10 mm IRC32x – internal diameter of ...


Incremental rotary encoders IRC307, 317, 327

IRC307 – external diameter of the shaft ∅ 6 mm IRC317 – external diameter of the shaft ∅ 10 mm IRC327 – internal diameter ...


Incremental rotary encoders IRC330 – 335

IRC330 – 335 – outer shaft ∅ 12 mm ended with screw thread M8 x 5,5mm. The shaft shape can be specified according to the customer’ ...


Incremental rotary encoder IRC340

This encoder is a part of the VALEO motor (only example) and they convert rotary movement onto two electrical signals, each other shifted 90° el. The ...


Incremental rotary encoders IRC202 and 205

The incremental rotary encoders IRC with a lamp as the light source in the standard industrial version converts rotary motion to electrical signals by the photoelectronic ...


Quality Management System

LARM's quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 since the year 2000. The certificate was awarded by TÜV SÜD, which also performs certification audits.

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