Company History

The successful and remarkable history of LARM a.s. began in the late 19th century near Netolice, where the Netolice - Dívčice railway line had been built.
Geological research in 1905 gave Prince Hohenlohe the idea to build a factory for producing briquettes, which was to process lignite from apparent nearby deposits. Although construction was completed in 1906, no briquettes were ever produced.
Since that time the factory has changed hands between various owners and was used somewhat sporadically until 1938, when M. Mařáček and A. Fišer moved their production of artificial flowers to the factory from Prachatice.
However, the company was nationalised in 1948 and assigned to the national enterprise Centroflor based in Dolní Pustevny.

The history of the company LARM in its contemporary form began in 1977 when, by a decision of the state authorities, the production of flowers was terminated and ancillaries of the national enterprise ZPA (Industrial Automation Plants) were established in Jinonice and Netolice, where instruments for pneumatic regulation and control were manufactured, on 1 July 1977.
In 1980 the Federal Ministry of Electrotechnical Industry, which defined the scope of production and economic units, was founded and converted the entire national enterprise ZPA Jinonice to the national enterprise ZPA Košíře. These changes also brought about certain transformations in the production programme.
The existing production of pneumatic encoders has continued since 1981, but has also been gradually supplemented by the production of optoelectronic encoders and other electronic devices, which has gradually increased at the expense of the original pneumatic regulation.

It carried the name ZPA Košíře s. p. until 1988, which was then changed to Křižík s. p. At the end of that year an agreement was reached between the workers of the development base in Prague to found an independent state-owned enterprise specialising principally in the production of encoders for measuring the positions of numerically controlled machine tools. A decision of the Ministry of Industry of Czechoslovakia on 1 January 1990 led to the foundation of the state enterprise LARM and the registration of an independent trademark.
With privatisation in 1992 the independent joint-stock company LARM a.s. is created. The company's main focus is on the development and production of industrial automation, CNC machining, and the grinding and polishing of metals.
Today we are able to speak of a tradition which was built on solid foundations and developed over a number of decades.

Company history:

  • 1895 Netolice – Dívčice railway line
  • 1905 Factory for briquette production
  • 1938 Production of artificial flowers by M. Mařáček and A. Fišer
  • 1948 Nationalisation of the company – national enterprise Centroflor
  • 1977 Foundation of ancillaries of national enterprise ZPA in Netolice and Jinonice. Machining begins
  • 1980 Transferred to national enterprise ZPA Košíře
  • 1988 Name changes to Křižík state enterprise
  • 1990 Independent state enterprise LARM s. p. is founded
  • 1992 Independent joint-stock company LARM a.s. is founded
  • 1998 First CNC machine is purchased
  • 2000 Quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000
  • 2008 ISO 9001:2008
  • 2015 ISO 9001:2008 certificate retained

History of Our Products:

  • 1977 PARS low-pressure pneumatic regulation system
  • Pneumatic regulation valves of sizes DN15 and DN25
  • 1981 Optoelectronic incremental encoders with designation codes IRC 100-111
  • 1985 IRC 120-125 and IRC 200 series encoders
  • 1987 Production of type FS100 punched tape readers
  • 1989 Primary focus on the production of encoders for measuring the positions of numerically controlled machine tools
  • 1991 IR 202-205 series encoders
  • Present day IRC, ARC, MIRC, MARC, MSL and LS optoelectronic and magnetic position encoders
    Regulation valves with power units
    Pneumatic regulation system devices
    CNC machining

Quality Management System

LARM's quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 since the year 2000. The certificate was awarded by TÜV SÜD, which also performs certification audits.

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